I lost my dear grandmother years too soon. The last of so many gifts my grandmother gave me was a wake-up call. You see, my grandmother died from bad nutrition and neglected fitness. And it hit me: That’s me in 20 years. I started to move. I started to sweat. I started to try. So that’s what I want to do for you at Run Wild Sports.

I want to get you into the right shoe and attire to jump-start your love of self. I want you to look fantastic. I want to give you advice and inspiration to get you going. I want to give you a wake up call. WAKE-UP. Sweat! Climb! Push! Punch! Run Wild.


It starts with a gait analysis to get you into the right shoes for your activity and your body. But we take it further.
Think of us as your fitness concierge. Run Wild Sports curates a collection of the best fitness and athleisure apparel.
We work with you to find the brands and styles that fit your swagger and your budget.


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