Alamo Heights Rotary Club

Established in 1948, Alamo Heights Rotary is a club with a proud past, involved present, and a philanthropic, promising future. They are an organization that embodies the slogan service above self.


Street 2 Feet

Is an organization that provides a 5k training program for individuals experiencing homelessness. We collect shoes for these individuals to use and train in. We are also listed on their website under the donations page.


Carrera Races

Carrera Races, Inc is a premier race company focusing on creating awareness and opportunity for nonprofit organizations. Carrera Races believes that there is gap to fill in fundraising efforts left by the nonprofit’s low resources, maxed-out board members and never enough funding. Their turnkey solutions are designed to fill that gap. Carrera Races – working to change lives, one mile at a time.


Cell Phones for Soldiers

Is an organization that provides cell phones and calling minutes for soldiers all over the world. We are a donation station for this organization, and as the box fills we mail in the cell phones.

We love our military and first responders. Let us honor you with a 15% discount with a valid active or retired ID.